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SEO Services

Ready to boost your website’s ranking? No matter the product or service, SEO or search engine optimization can be more effective than paid advertising.

GetFound: Your Guide To SEO

When someone inputs a search into a search engine, you want your business to appear. 

The reality about Search Engine Optimization is there is always an opportunity for improvement.

It’s also true that there are no quick or permanent solutions.

However, SEO is crucial to a successful web presence. When it’s done correctly, your business will benefit from increased traffic and visibility.


To be successful, your web presence must have ongoing management in order for efforts to get the desired results.

Search Engine Optimization

The implementation of SEO can be complex and overwhelming, especially when there are so many different types of services and just as many opinions.

In the SEO industry, there are various services available, some having a different impact than others, so it can be hard to know which service is best. You may be wondering:

  • Do I need to have a blog on my website?

  • Do I need to hire a firm to help get backlinks? What is a backlink, anyway?

  • Do I need to be in a bunch of major directories?

  • How much should SEO cost?

All aspects of SEO work together to create an optimized website that is effective on search engines. The best approach is a diversified one that checks all the boxes.

Business Consultation

Grow Your Online Presence & Visibility


The best approach to SEO is a diversified one. This is a practical application of the age-old advice – “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. Building a strong SEO campaign and investing in all aspects of SEO based on keyword research will help your business in Search Engine visibility and increasing your visibility now.

SEO Company

For Growing Your Business

An effective SEO strategy must be based on keyword research and be applied to a well-built complete web presence which includes not only your business website, but other elements that represent your brand online, such as social media profiles, Google My Business, and other business citations.

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SEO Packages

Whether you are just getting started or you're an existing business, you will benefit from a well-executed Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Before beginning any SEO initiatives, we evaluate your business’ current online presence. We discuss the goals you have for your business and create effective strategies for improving the visibility of your business online.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

The results that the person finds initially will be ranked on what the search engine deems relevant to the user. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The point behind SEO is to increase traffic to your website and the quality of the users who visit your page.


The quality of the user matters because you want visitors that will give you their business. You do not want visitors mistakenly finding your page. You want visitors who are interested in your product and found you intentionally. Here is what you need to know about SEO and how it works so that you can create better content to drive visitors to your website.


How SEO Works

Everyone has used Google or other search engines before. You may use it to find local businesses or to conduct research. Whatever the reason, when you use a search engine, you generally have to scour through a page of results. Most people expect to see the most relevant results in the first few options and most visitors do not want to have to browse through more than the first or second page.

How do search engines know which results are relevant? The search engine has a crawler. This crawler gathers information from different pages on the internet and then delivers the information to the search engine. The search engine creates an index based on the information on the internet. This index goes through an algorithm and then when you make a search, it tries to match your search with the data.


Crawlers gather information through following links on pages that they already have data on. Backlinking is crucial because of this. If there is a backlink from a webpage on your page, then the search engine will be able to discover your page. Then, it adds you to the index.


If you want to boost your webpage’s rank, you do not want to try to trick the search engine. Search engines can penalize websites for this behavior. This means that you do not want to deceive your users and should always create content that is for the user, not simply for the search engine itself. If you create original content that shows the same for visitors and crawlers, then you are on your way to rank boosting content.

Why SEO Is Important to Your business

There are a lot of ways that you can increase traffic to your website. SEO is one of these ways. Now, you can invest in advertising and post regularly on social media, but this is not where you will receive the majority of your traffic. In fact, most traffic comes because of search engine results.

Organic results appear more credible when a person searches. Paid advertisements do not earn as many clicks as an organic search does. This makes SEO one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website. When you set it up correctly, you can have a quality piece of content that drives visitors to your website consistently over time. With paid advertising, you have to continuously pay to keep the advertisements up. With SEO, your traffic will continue to snowball.

Ready to boost your website’s ranking? GetFound Today.

No matter the product or service, our search engine optimization tactics can be more effective than paid advertising. Find out why it’s crucial to your business’s success and how we can help.

What Impacts SEO Effectiveness

There are several factors that can affect your search engine rank. First, the type of content that you post matters. It needs to be relevant and it needs to be engaging enough for users to want to share or for users to find interest in. The types of content that work best are blog posts, social media content, infographics, how-to-guides, and more.


In addition, your keywords matter also. You want to include relevant phrases that a user may use if he or she was searching for a business or product. In addition to accurate keywords, you do want to keep your content fresh and updated. New content can help to drive traffic to your site. Sometimes you can create new content by recreating your old content or updating older posts with new information.

Other factors that can affect your search engine rank are on-page SEO factors. These are components of your webpage that you can control and work to improve. Some of the mechanics involved are title tags, internal links, subheading, and meta-descriptions.

Search engines use your title tag to categorize what your page is about. This tells the search engine your business and the focus of the content. The meta description gives a little more information. It provides a short description for your visitors to read so that they can decide whether the site is relevant to their interests. Internal links also provide search engines with more information. If you create a blog post on a product, for instance, you can link to the product within the blog. Subheadings can also help search engines learn more information. For instance, the search engine picks up on heading tags and can use your headings as a way to gather data.

Now, keep in mind that you do not want to over-optimize. This means that you overstuff phrases or keywords into the content. If search engines catch on to this behavior, then you could be penalized for it. It is important that you are strategic about keyword placement. Also, you want to only use a few keywords and focus on those phrases. That provides you with a way to keep your content-specific. If your content is unfocused, this could hurt your ranking.

SEO is crucial because it optimizes websites and puts them at a higher position in a search engine’s search results. The higher that your webpage ranks in specific searches, the more likely you are to have visitors to the page. When you create quality content and utilize SEO tips and tricks, you are more likely to have relevant visitors. After all, when you have a website for your business, you want to have guests that are likely to purchase your goods or services.

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