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Local SEO

Local SEO services focus on ranking your Google Business profile in the Google Local 3-pack or Map results.

GetFound: Local Maps Visibility

If you have a business that serves customers in some way, then you should be investing in Local SEO.

Want more web traffic, leads, and sales from local consumers?

You need local SEO services from a top local SEO company. See how we can help you GetFound! Whether you're a new business or already established, our local search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you achieve higher rankings in your local search results. 

Local SEO. Search engine optimization. Digital marketing in Asheville and Charleston.
Local SEO. Search engine optimization. Digital marketing in Asheville and Charleston.

Show Up In Google Maps Results 

If you type ‘restaurants’ into Google you will get a list of restaurants that are relevant and closest to you. 

Local SEO focuses on getting your business listing into these local maps listings. Our goal is to reach the top 3 positions of the map results for terms related to your business and services.

Local SEO vs. PPC

For Growing Your Business

An effective SEO strategy must be based on keyword research and be applied to a well-built complete web presence which includes not only your business website, but other elements that represent your brand online, such as social media profiles, Google Business, and other business citations.

Local SEO Services

The Local 3-Pack

Focused primarily on growing the presence of your business in the Google 3-Pack, our Local SEO services help your business continue to grow. We help to grow your local presence through implementing:

Keyword Research

Keyword research to identify target keywords and opportunities for long-tail keyword phrases.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Claiming and optimizing your Google Business profile is a critical component of Local SEO.


Setting up the infrastructure for consistently asking your clients for reviews is a powerful way to strengthen results in Local Search results. This may include a "Review Us" page on your website or creating a standardized email sent to clients with instructions on how to leave a review for your business on Google.


Claim, complete, and standardize citation sources from leading business profile sites, including Google, Facebook, Bing, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Yahoo Business, Superpages, Infogroup, Localeze, CitySearch, Insider Pages, Best Of The Web, Acxiom, or

Structured Data

Structured Data helps search engines understand your website better. This data is a behind-the-scenes code that provides specific data to search engines. This information such as Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) to reinforces the search engine's confidence in your company's identity, leading to the opportunity to rank higher.

Local SEO Packages

Whether you are just getting started or you're an existing business, you will benefit from a well-executed Search Engine Optimization campaign. 

For most businesses, local SEO marketing should be the first step in any online marketing campaign. Our top-rated local SEO services can generate more visitors, leads, and sales for your business. 

Local Versus General Searches

The SEO priorities of a business seeking to rise in local rankings should center around the most important information for customers in the surrounding area. Prospective customers need to know the address of a business with a nearby location or accurate contact information to determine whether their own home or business is located in a service area. Whereas relevant keywords are important for organic search, the following location-specific details are necessary for local SEO:

  • Business name, address and phone number

  • Directory entries and profiles

  • Map location

  • Service area information

  • Backlinks or citations on trusted local sites

The most important factor for making a business rise in local rankings is having a consistent name, address and phone number, or other contact information across profiles, directories, and websites. Businesses that have physical locations should ensure this information is identical on every site so that customers can reliably call or visit. This data also increases the level of trust that search engine algorithms place in the web presence of an operation. If a business does not have a physical location, it is essential to describe the service area.

General and local SEO methods both rely on keywords. These words or phrases are found in search queries and used by search engines to deliver the most relevant results. Adding location-based descriptors to keyword phrases, such as “flooring in North Carolina,” lengthens the phrase to what is called a long-tail keyword. These phrases tend to resemble the search queries of prospective customers in the same region and may be less competitive, meaning that they are easier to rank for in searches than shorter and less specific keywords.

Ready to boost your Local Maps listing? GetFound Today.

No matter the product or service, our local SEO services can your customers find you online. Find out why it’s crucial to your business’s success and how we can help.

Google Business Profiles

A core local SEO strategy involves claiming and customizing a GB profile. Depending on how established a business is at a particular location, this profile may already exist. In this case, the profile can be claimed by clicking the “Own this business” link at the bottom of the profile display box. Verification is required to claim a profile and usually involves receiving a postcard with a PIN number at the official address for a business. The owner must enter this number to verify the listing and obtain authorization to make changes to the profile.

A GB profile is an easy way to provide important information to local customers. This profile should include a consistent name, address, and phone number as well as images and reviews. A local SEO service can help a business enhance the appearance of this profile with a Knowledge Panel that enables mobile users to call, get directions, save the profile for future reference or visit the business website. Campaigns to increase the volume of reviews and raise star or numerical rankings may draw more customers. A robust GB profile significantly enhances the visibility of a business in search engine results and on Google Maps.

Map and Location-Based Searches

Customers often search for business locations using Google Maps. This service may appear on the main page of results for local searches or customers may access GB profiles from within the Maps service. Rankings in Google Maps are based on geographical proximity, relevance, and customer reviews. Ensuring that a business is easy to locate, ranks near the top of location-based services, and has a complete GB profile are all vital local SEO strategies.

The best way to improve the standing of a business in location-based searches is to ensure that the name, address, and contact information is consistent across the GB profile, local directories, and trusted websites. Each instance of the same information reinforces the standing of a business. In addition to appearing near the top of the results for location-based searches on desktops, this information is also crucial for proximity-based searches on mobile devices. Approximately half of the website traffic worldwide now comes from these devices and many customers seek out products or services with proximate search terms such as “near me” or use maps to determine the most convenient retail or service locations.

Raising Local Rankings

Competing businesses account for the major obstacle to ranking at the top of general, local, or map-based search results. The best way to beat out local competitors is to better anticipate the needs of customers and obtain higher quality scores by creating high-quality landing pages related to specific search terms. A service that specializes in local SEO can identify which keywords can give a business a unique advantage over nearby businesses with similar products or services and ensure that the web presence of a business is optimized for desktop and mobile access and regularly posts high-quality content to achieve higher search engine result page rankings. These measures also pay off when it comes to ranking near the top of proximity-based or map searches.

Most local SEO research finds that a presence on social media does not have a significant effect on local search rankings. It is still recommended that businesses create profiles on all of the leading platforms that have accurate information and high-quality logos or photographs. Social media profiles are most helpful for encouraging customer engagement and feedback which can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations.

These strategies can help prospective customers find or contact a business. Increasing the amount of trust search engine algorithms place in a business can raise rankings and translate into more clicks, location visits, and conversions such as sales or service bookings. The single most important local SEO measure for any business seeking to improve its standing in location-based results is to provide consistent contact information across platforms. GetFound Guru specializes in local search strategies and other SEO tactics for driving up traffic on the web and at brick-and-mortar business locations.

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