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PPC Advertising

Digital advertising offers immediate and effective results for your business by delivering your message to the right people, at the right place and time. 

GetFound: Pay-Per-Click Management

Digital advertising campaigns that are designed to increase traffic, conversions, and sales.

Are you just getting started with PPC? Great! As one of Asheville's best PPC management agencies, we can get you up and running with a PPC campaign at just about any budget.


Pay Per Click Marketing, or PPC marketing services, managed by GetFound Guru offer tactically placed search engine advertising that gets you seen ahead of your competition in search engine results to reach your audience first

PPC advertising. Google ads. Facebook ads. Instagram ads. Meta ads. Digital marketing in Asheville and Charleston.

Getting Started With PPC?

PPC Advertising

Like any other form of advertising, PPC ads are something you’ll want to create by first researching your target demographics and keywords, establishing a budget and testing what ads will cut through the noise of organic and paid search results.


GetFound Guru can do all of these to deliver fast and effective results for your business.

Digital Advertising

For Growing Your Business

A great PPC advertising strategy aims for a diverse approach by implementing ad campaigns across multiple channels to ensure your ads reach your target audience.


Our PPC experts at work with our clients to ensure that they are effectively positioned with budget and results in mind.

Digital Advertising Services

PPC Advertising

GetFound Guru is one of the best Pay Per Click management companies in Asheville and can help you develop an advertising campaign that drives traffic, conversions, and sales.  All of our PPC management services include:

  • Keyword Research

  • Campaign Planning

  • Ad Text Creation

  • Landing Page Creation

  • Display Ad Creation

  • Conversion Tracking

  • PPC Maintenance & Optimization​

  • Call Tracking

  • Competitive Research

  • Retargeting

  • Enhanced Ads for Better Click-thru Rates

  • Cost Per Click Optimization

PPC Advertising Packages

A pay per click campaign is the fastest way to increase the online visibility of your business. Let us help you get started with professional PPC advertising management.

We'll help you build an effective online advertising campaign that will deliver results at almost any budget. Learn more about how GetFound Guru can help your business with professional digital advertising services.

PPC Basics

The most popular type of PPC advertisements is text-based ads shown on the first page of search engine results for queries that contain relevant keywords. As Google has approximately 88.47% of the market share for search engines as of April 2019, Google Ads is the leading platform for bidding on, managing and serving paid search ads. Learn the basics of how this method of online advertising works and why search ads benefit businesses.


How Does PPC Compare To Organic Optimization?

Paid search advertisements can appear near the top of search engine results pages as soon as a campaign is launched. Organic search engine optimization is an extended process that involves improving a website and obtaining backlinks and citation that does not involve bidding on keywords.

Search engines tend to rank well-organized sites that load efficiently in desktop and mobile device internet browsers over competing sites with longer load times that have not been indexed as thoroughly by web crawlers. The frequency of posting high-quality, unique content and the density of keywords within site content are also important factors for organic SEO.

Paid search engine ad campaigns involve bidding on keywords relevant to a business and its products and services. The PPC ads that get served to customers are also ranked in terms of having a high-quality score. This score is determined based on the relevance of keywords and the design and content of a landing page. The top results appear as sponsored ads rather than ranking among the general results.

Businesses with a more established and optimized web presence tend to appear as the top paid results and may be served to customers more frequently than advertisers that have lower quality scores. A PPC bid amount is not as important as the quality score when it comes to appearing as the first paid search ad or being triggered to appear more frequently as a sponsored result for competitive keywords.

Ready to boost your Local Maps listing? GetFound Today.

Our PPC advertising services will ensure your customers can find you online immediately and effectively. Find out why it’s crucial to your business’s success and how we can help.

What Are The Primary Advertising Networks?

Google Ads is the dominant player in the digital advertising arena and is the most popular search engine. If you want your ads to reach your customers quickly, you should be advertising on Google. 

Bing Ads may not have the search engine market share that Google does, but it can still be effectively used to reach the right audience.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) is globally dominant when it comes to social media with more than 1 billion active users; it’s also a major player when it comes to advertising platforms. For some businesses, Facebook and Instagram are an unmatched partner in reaching the right audience. It’s also the gateway to Instagram ads.

LinkedIn ads offer access to the largest professional social network and, like Facebook ads, allow you to get granular with your ad targeting to industry, company, and even job title.

How Do Businesses Bid On Keywords?

A business or SEO service can use the Google Ads system to bid on keywords. This platform allows advertisers to search for keywords and determine how competitive certain words or phrases are in terms of pricing. Within a campaign, keywords are sorted into Ad Groups. It may be possible to increase the effectiveness of a paid search ad campaign by continuously adjusting which keywords are included in groups to make sure that these terms are grouped and bid upon as effectively as possible so that ads are as relevant as possible for search queries.

There are two general approaches to purchasing PPC ads. Some businesses and SEO services use the free automated bidding feature available through Google, but this service does not disclose details about the bidding process that may be essential to developing the most effective paid campaigns. Paid search ad campaigns can also be refined with optimization rules. Bids based on the cost per 1,000 impressions are referred to as CPM bidding, while cost per action bidding or CPA involves a payment based on conversions determined when setting up a campaign. Third-party bid management software offers more customizable options and may allow for manual acceptance or rejection of bids.

What Are the Best Keywords To Select?

The best keywords depend on the conversion goals of a particular business. Choosing the most relevant keywords for products and services is the most obvious approach, but these keywords can be prohibitively competitive or costly. A better PPC method involves considering how customers search for a particular business, product, or service and including location-related terms or descriptions of unique features. These keyword phrases tend to contain more words.

Long-tail keyword phrases include three or more words and tend to be less competitive in terms of bidding. While the keyword phrase “men’s shirts” will have a lot of competition, “men’s shirts in North Carolina” may be a more affordable bid and draw more clicks that lead to conversions. Experience running paid campaigns is helpful for selecting the most effective keywords. It is advisable to rely on SEO experts to build, refine, and maintain a PPC campaign.

How Do Ad Groups Work?

Ad Groups function as containers for keywords in a paid search marketing campaign. The keywords in each group inform the Google Ads system when to display certain ads. It is ideal to organize these groups around common themes and make sure keywords have similar targets. Prices can be set for an entire group of PPC keywords through a default ad group bid or the maximum cost per click can be raised or lowered for individual keywords.

For the best results, each group of keywords should be associated with the most relevant ad text and landing page. Keywords can be added or removed from groups to increase the effectiveness of a campaign. Ad groups can be paused or removed and will not run if funds are not available or a campaign is not scheduled.

Which Types of Ads Are Available?

The most popular form of PPC advertising involves text-based search engine ads, but five types of ads are available. Google Ads enables businesses to choose from any of the following types of advertisements:

  • Search Network

  • Display Network

  • Video

  • Shopping

  • Universal Apps

Search network ads are the keyword-driven text ads that appear on search engine result pages. Display Network ads are visual advertisements on websites that participate in an affiliate program. Video ads show on YouTube and may appear before or between video content. Shopping ads automated through Google Merchant Center are ideal for showing off products on an eCommerce site. A Universal Campaign can promote an app across the Search, Display, and Video networks.

Business owners who want to pursue a PPC ad campaign should factor in their budget and display preferences. The easiest way to run a successful paid campaign is to rely on an experienced SEO and digital advertising service. GetFound Guru has extensive experience developing and managing campaigns that can rapidly increase the visibility of a business.

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