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#BizGoal for this year: Be on the first page of Google so that clients actually find me.​

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

[Finally, an inexpensive SEO plan for my business]

What to do

Collect important and accurate DATA for my business (including taking nice photos)

Build a website or access an existing one

Promote Consistent DATA & Branding onto multiple platforms

How long will it take
3-6 months to see initial results
The more months we nurture, the better position the business will have
**If I start soon, my business will be positioned sooner

How much it costs to hire GetFound Guru to get the job done - starting now
$249 or $499 /month (normally $299 or $599 /month) per location for Google, Android and iPhone user audience ---depending on intensity of work per month   *includes a 1 page website
$1499 *optional one time fee: we will build a custom website  *this will hasten your positioning

Start today. Your business will thank you.

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