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GetFound Guru ~ Web, SEO & Business Help

Get Found
On Google

Experience the drastic increase in exposure that being ranked well on Google can bring your business.

Submit your business info for enrollment to an organic front page rank in as little as 48 hours.

Our Services

Computer screen clipart. Web design services.



Map pin. Local SEO services.


Search engine optimization. Organic SEO services.

For Business Owners

As a busy business owner, it's challenging to find time to stay on top of everything. Learn how we can help you, whether you're just getting started with a new website or you're an established business looking to increase traffic and leads.

Coffee Shop. Small business.
Guy smiling using laptop. Digital marketing and SEO services for start-ups.

For Start Ups

It takes a lot of resources to start a business, and we like to share the knowledge and experiences we've acquired along the way to help you achieve your digital marketing objectives and build your online presence.

For Marketing Managers

As your company's marketing manager, you juggle alot. There isn't always time to execute or to become an expert. Find out how we can support you and your team, your website, SEO, and digital marketing goals.

People sitting around table in conference room. Small business. Digital marketing and SEO services for marketing managers.
Top down view of note book, pencil and laptop. Consulting and coaching. Digital marketing and SEO services.

Consulting & Coaching

We provide consulting, coaching, and training for you or your team. Customized to fit the needs of your specific situation, we'll help guide you in the right direction to become a DIY-Digital Marketing Master!

Green digital background.


Patrick G.

GetFound’s deep understanding of the web positioning mechanics will bring results quickly to your business. I tried and it works! 

Fesiuk Films

Thank you so much for all of the help you have been to our business! We couldn't have asked for anyone better. 

Veridian Boat

Glad I picked get found to do my website. After six months of being on the Internet I started receiving good results. And this year has definitely been my year for marketing. Have had really good numbers on my website and received many calls satisfied as can be.

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